Build four classic wedding theme wedding you what kind of happy bride?

When the groom spit out the phrase "I do", a woman will instantly become center of the universe, happy to cramps. But you may have thought to hear these words of the moment, is about how your seating arrangement scene? Each girl has a heart Happy Ever After happy finale, Cinderella at the Palace, the Little Mermaid at the beach ... weddings can have various types, the taste of happiness have different tasting methods, which one you want to be happy bride?


"The beach was to marry him; married on the grass." This is an ideal small series of small to large weddings for only persist. Why? Because marry faced that moment to consider a few seconds, you can play with the sand with their feet to relieve embarrassment. The wedding on the grass in the garden, because imagine the breeze blew those trembling flowers grass who, like the chorus in blessing newcomers.

No matter how eolian Oliver female dragon, as long as the grass on the grass dressed married yarn, flowers surrounded by leaves, you can instantly Xijinqianhua, when a most extraordinary happiness of the bride wearing garden wedding dresses laugh from ear to ear.

Vogue journal last September, this series consists of Mario Testino shot Kate Moss Kate Moss wedding, garden wedding has become a classic image.

Including this John Galliano Kate Moss to help organize veil photos. John Galliano until the eve of the wedding was discharged from the rehabilitation center, he invited many friends wedding materials purchased in advance tulle, sequins, veil and flowers. He finally completed in time for the wedding ceremony of Kate's wedding dress 2013.

Here is another bride to recommend Garden powerful brand Vera Wang. Legendary designer Vera Wang in a modern, simple and noble style known, concerns the characteristics of the cloth, smooth skirt decorated with three-dimensional cut, so white silk flowers on top of each one very fine true shape of a woman on Vera Wang's eternal longing.

In the flowers around the environment, of course, exquisite complicated headdress,flower girl dresses,the following romantic flowers headdress from Reem Acra, incidentally, this is the first South Korean actress Jeon Ji Hyun temperament wedding brand choice Oh!

A BLUE n 'WHITE WEDDING Greek island wedding

Like the movie "Mamma Mia" inside Fat Greek Wedding, blue sea, white sand with a small chapel, warm torches, one dressed very nice ass. Salty smell of the sea breeze in the golden sunset slowly advancing towards the church. Prevalent in recent years in showbiz romantic island wedding, girls also become a charming vision of the wedding scene options.

Here the beach brides recommended Spanish brand. Shiny fabrics, layered skirt, elegant exaggerated line, reflecting the Greek and Roman goddess Wanru elegant, set off by sky and sea landscape, more poetic romance.

More than 30 years of development, Pepe Botella has been adhering to the wedding day the most charming side showing the concept of women is like an elegant, feminine style of the bride choice.

The theme of the sea, of course, not forgetting the exquisite sea blue accessories.

Accessories come from a man named Oscar De La Renta highly respected fashion brand high society, in order to design luxury gowns known, on the process of texture and noble taste is frisked, quarterly wedding dress, accessories already become a star celebrity heat the object of pursuit.

A Forest Fairy tale forest Fam

Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel ... magnificent fairy tale there is always a forest, inside a kind of animals, magic spells and neighbors to spend handsome prince.

Since it is a fairy-tale forest illusion, of course, you must create a wedding fairy elves, like the United States to the breathtaking beautiful mysterious.

This is not nobody knows brides wedding world-renowned brand Monique Lhuillier. To pay attention to exquisite hand-sewn, retaining a beautiful traditional wedding while promoting modern avant-garde design, is today the most popular wedding bridal Western brands.

Jenny Packham has produced this series of hair accessories, is not it great goddess fairy Feel?

Forest themed wedding, but also to consider extending a different atmosphere, like a forest park scene, or in winter to go to high latitude countries, which completed in snow white wedding.

If you want to finish among the snow white wedding, you may also need UGG snow boots big launch for the bride 'I Do' series, so you warm in the snow married.

A CITY ROMANCE urban romance

White gauze skirt lifted at the crossroads of the fountain stopped a taxi and go two blocks outside the church. Let the city's old buildings, street lights, shops, street trees, small signs have become the background of your wedding.

Whether fantasy boyfriend after a walk in the movie the way home, suddenly down on one knee? Or quietly staring street, Huiguo Shen, in front of men Genni said, and you want to live forever? Or like the romantic plot, always full of every corner of the city.

Perhaps, you will be like Sex and the City's Carrie, like wearing punk godmother Vivienne Westwood personally designed wedding dress, let the fashion magazine Vogue fashion shoot to show off a few incomparable wedding photography, is proud to announce soon married real estate tycoon.

In this it has to recommend the first French city bride wedding brand Cymbeline. 30 years of history. Their design ideas with passion and imagination, with bold and avant-garde tailoring and ingenuity selection, from glass yarn satin brocade flowers to Ti totem like embroidery, added to its luxury wedding myths light.

After reading the above four different wedding scene 'Want to do better what kind of bride yet? Remember as a child growing up to become a teacher asks what? Xiao Bian will always be facing the answer is "to be a bride," the female students scoff (at the time the answer is archaeologist). Growing up in the city try to be an independent new woman, the more imagination put away for the dream wedding.

Think coffee rampant in this play, instant flood of love of the moment, the occasional longing look happy ending does not depend, in addition to sensual pleasures, but also in an effort to cheer their own pursuit of happiness, please ladies let modesty, wanton fantasy now!