What precautions wedding rehearsal familiar with the wedding process to prevent errors

Wedding rehearsal was held before the wedding, the actual wedding venue, the main participants in the entire wedding rehearsal wedding process that involves a set of wedding rehearsal process, all equipment checks, host a full string of words and so on. Wedding rehearsal is a very important aspect of the wedding that it can directly affect their quality. Then wedding rehearsal what issues need attention too?

1, participants naturally to the bride and prom gowns and groom to the wedding rehearsal, in addition to bridesmaids and groomsmen should also participate in small flower girl, they can know in advance the wedding rehearsal process. Wedding planners have to participate, they are the total scheduling weddings, weddings processes and links transforms planners need strict control. Both parents can best participate in rehearsals, so not only can the elderly familiar with the process, but also to eliminate tension. If some guest speakers arranged, preferably also be able to invite guests to attend. If guests can not find time, it should be informed in advance the length of time he was speaking, and in the rehearsal set aside.

2, check the equipment used in the wedding microphones, lighting, sound, projection and other facilities are required to debug. Examination not only to test the soundness of the equipment itself, but also according to the size of the actual banquet space, lighting and sound will be transferred to the best condition. Cameraman can also be extra spare battery in your hotel, to prevent battery backup in case of forgetting to bring the case.

3, the rehearsal process in all aspects of the wedding rehearsal need to go again, with different themes wedding process is different, but also according to the venue and the wedding rehearsal type operation. Such as Chinese wedding rehearsal main process includes: admission, sworn, exchange rings, King changed tea, red envelopes to the new elders, elders and other guest speakers. Western-style wedding rehearsal main processes include: admission, witnesses, oath, exchanged rings, pour champagne, throwing holding flowers. All links are to be put together to go again, so the wedding planners can better to control time.

4 Bridesmaid Dresses, with the master of ceremonies wedding ceremony in the normal exchange emcee plays a very important role, each presided over a wedding presided over the wedding, including the basic set of words, combined with the characteristics of the wedding and the wedding scene with unexpected problems improvise. Through rehearsal wedding emcee in advance so that participants can feel the continuity of the wedding, while the master of ceremonies rehearsal also allows timely detection of problems, through communication and exchange to make adjustments as soon as possible.

5, the new notes is best to wear wedding and bride wedding dress rehearsal, because wearing a wedding dress walking is not quite so easy, well-known in advance what the bride feels to find the safest way to walk better with music and groom pace. And we should try to match the groom and the bride, to prevent mistakes at the wedding. Another rehearsal time not too long, generally about an hour on it, time is too long is a very laborious thing.


Magic Slim wedding wear clothing slim figure

Summer is the most significant figure of the season. In the occasion of the wedding day approaches, the bride was busy wedding details, it is also in order to have a more perfect wedding body slimming center in desperately lose weight. In fact, if you want to build the red carpet actress in general, no need to beverages to weight-loss diet, just choose a suitable body characteristics and has self efficacy of the prom dresses wedding, will instantly make you look tall and slender, graceful curve up.

How tall tall enough to do? Many believe that this is a big problem Oriental bride. Choose a diagonal fold skirt wedding dress design, will be able to this problem solved. This is due to the extension of a sense of oblique folds can visually lengthen the body proportions, of course, will make your body look more slender, tall up.
Relatively petite stature Eastern bride, equally suitable for waist style Puff skirt dress. Can not only set off a very slender waist to show the bride curvy curves, better reflect the lovely, lively temperament.
Waist slim enough? This is a lot of focus on the bride before the wedding slimming key positions. High waist design empire wedding dress, do not redundant or grandiose decor, you can easily make your filling slim waist.


YolanCris 2013 wedding dress series

Wedding can be very elegant, very sexy, very beautiful, very dreamy ...... Of course, the wedding can also be very fashionable. YolanCris wedding dress 2013 series into a number of fashion elements, hollow, lace, stripes and knitting make this series of wedding is full of personality, to overturn the traditional wedding image in people's minds.


Anna Karenina * Tsarist Empire

Each country has its own innate female qualities unique personality. In the Russian literary giant Leo Tolstoy's wonderful pen, grow out of a respected, loyal to their own stubborn, courageous pursuit of true love glamorous flowers - Anna Karenina (Anna Karenina), but also achievements in the future classic Russia's image of women. The heroine of the novel with the same name, in 1997, was transformed into a movie "Love colder than love" by French actress Sophie Marceau chief performances.

Tsarist period costume in the history of Russia's most strange circumstances colors period. Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent as early as 35 years ago, to be launched in the Cossack fashion series into inspiration. Brides want to create a czar charming royal families during the noble shape, can first enjoy the wedding brand from Russia - Svetlana Lyalina. In its latest advertising blockbusters, each piece exudes a wedding dresses is the Holy Spirit noble beauty, but without losing the sexy charming temptation. Wedding degree of precision and meticulous,wedding dresses online which shows behind the complicated processes. There are full of ingenuity Russian style crown veil, plus Yousi royal court theater or dance background, but also teach people to look dazzling.

Sea of Love

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Different styles show different beautiful wedding

They say, wedding dress woman is the most beautiful moment in life. So for the bride who is about to marry, choose a wedding dress for their wedding preparations has become an important step. Whether in the process of shooting the wedding or the wedding day, a beautiful wedding dress can make a woman become the focus. However, every bride has different physical characteristics and skin color, the choice for the wedding will be different, how to choose a suitable for your wedding then? Xiaobian will give you four different styles of wedding resolve, I believe after reading, you will know how to choose it.

1, elegant type is similar to a beautiful elegant wedding, but beauty is a gift of God, and elegant art of the product. Many women want in life to show their elegant side, since it is often elegant woman more attractive. So for the bride, the wedding will always want to be able to show the elegant side. So, we must have the elegant demeanor, but has an elegant type wedding dress, brides is the first step to show elegance. Brides can choose some luxurious silk satin or chiffon dresses fabric smooth and soft, with a delicate floral lace or sequins small particles seem to be more elegant and moving it.

Two, romantic wedding wedding itself is a romantic place, whether it is for new love, that was the overall atmosphere of the wedding arrangement, all the time showing romance and happiness. Then the bride how to cope with this romantic wedding atmosphere it? Mermaid bride can choose some styles or princess style wedding, coupled with gorgeous embroidery or beads, and then with exquisite veil and high heels, you can easily show the bride's beauty and sweet.

3, Artistic wedding for the bride with artistic cells, may wish to try artistic type of wedding. Like short ballet skirts, flared skirt, suits and other unique design group type, with light feathers, lace or mesh, can show the bride's art. This wedding is not only shapely bride for a good choice, that is slightly undersized stature brides can also choose Artistic Wedding Oh, because it is unconventional design can enhance the overall temperament of the bride.

4, leisure wedding Many people may feel that leisure dress will not look too dignified, it is not. Leisure is not to say casually dressed, is not pay attention to time and occasion, but in this particular time period wedding site selection and another form to show themselves. Bride can choose comfortable high class silk fabrics, such as flowing chiffon, satin smooth, and even with a wide-brimmed Western style hat, both casual handsome, yet dignified and elegant.


Based on the length of the selection of wedding dresses wedding to do the most beautiful bride

Wedding dress is the most beautiful woman, many brides want to choose a suitable for your wedding, then look beautiful and elegant to wear. However, according to the wedding dress has a variety of long-run, the bride how to choose it for their own wedding? Now, Xiao Bian teach you how to choose wedding dress according to the length of the wedding.

1, a short wedding dress short wedding there are many types, whether it is a miniskirt-style wedding dress, short A-line wedding dress, or tutu, also, or preceding the backcourt of the wedding, all belong to the type of wedding dress short paragraph . This type of personality and well-behaved bride wedding suit, wear can make the bride look after the lovely, of course, slim, good-looking legs of the bride wear will look better. If the O-leg or legs plump bride is best not to try.

2, knee-length style wedding dress knee-length style wedding dress short paragraph also belong to it around the knee length skirt. This wedding dress length is shorter, more suitable for party-style wedding dress because it would be more convenient. For slim legs This is a good bride wedding dress is a good manageable. If you want to show cute petite bride, you can choose tutu. If you want to show elegance, you can choose to close a small Evening.

3, Evening dress Evening wedding style wedding dress length to the ankle, skirt touching the ground. Bridal front row, hem faint shaking, very charm. Such wedding are generally tailoring, materials and many more excellent sense of drooping silk-based, suitable for lawns, beaches and other semi-formal wedding. For tall, legs minister of the bride is more suitable. However, if the bride's crotch wide, it is best not to choose this type of wedding dress, it would seem people are very wide.

4, trailing tail wedding dress wedding dress is the most common style, carrying a lot of girls princess dream. Because the bride wearing a wedding like this fairy tale princess, elegant, almost all brides would choose such a wedding. But note that if the bride's head is not very high, it is best not to choose too long trailing wedding dress, so people will look not only smaller, but action is not convenient, just and long skirt style is a good place choice, both look elegant, but not cumbersome.


Beautiful graceful wedding bride piercing

In addition to the selection of life partner bride is extremely well thought out, the choice for the wedding dress, too, be careful, be sure to let every detail of the wedding, have become unforgettable beautiful memories.

Unlike fashion and  wear a wedding evening dress, it is most important in life bride dress. To avoid choosing the wrong bride should learn how to choose wedding in advance, from wedding colors, styles and other details to consider, hear how the experts say.

Color: white is no longer the sole

With the ever-changing global trends, wedding in addition to white, ivory, beige and other traditional colors, but in recent years has become popular pink wedding package, such as pink, pink orange, light blue, light purple, light green and light silver-gray, very soft pleasing to the eye.
If you are adventurous, dark green, purplish red, purple and other colors intense dress is very special; As the most popular, of course, ivory or white wedding dress, and then laden with pink silk flowers, butterflies, to add color. In fact, the wedding is not important what color, the most important prerequisite is to match the bride's complexion. Asian skin deep yellow, wearing a white wedding dress will look dull, wear ivory would be more harmonious nature, blue, purple and yellow are not coordinated, but pink orange, light green with yellowish color match . As for the skin rosy, or bronze skin, wearing white would look great.

Style: a small tent dress from significant Painting

Traditional long too Peng skirt, would cause significant short, so the wedding day, slightly off the ground should be selected small tent dress, or ankle-length A-line cut was straight body wedding; As for their legs with confidence , then you can try miniskirts or Skirt, etc.; if it is easy hearty character, wearing white pants sets highlights the fact that personal style, different. But one thing should be noted, fishtail skirt is the most convenient and the most difficult to dress nice, unless particularly fond of the bride fishtail skirt, otherwise we do not consider them. Hong Zhengshi also reminded the bride, many styles on a hanger is beautiful, too beautiful to wear on mannequin, but the wear on his body does not look good, so be sure to try on before, you can change the size does not fit, style and bride body shape and temperament do not match, it will become difficult to see. Young and petite, wear lovely princess style wedding; tall to wear clean lines and bright; obese can not wear low-cut dress and straight body.
In addition, the temperament is also very important, not as sexy dress type Xiaojiabiyu; shrewd pile type not too decorative; hearty and lively type do not play lady. Wear clothing with their own incompatible, not only can not express a own merits and temperament, but also make the wear and watching people feel unnatural.
In addition, to buy or rent a wedding dress, the bride will have to see the meaning, if she want to save as the eternal souvenir, it worth the investment, but if not enough space, you can buy a beautiful headdress.


Daren Share: white lace dress with a

Cute fashion lace share control of the new autumn dress with white lace tips, share a variety of styles, a variety of styles of white lace dress clothes online with experience, so you know how to change dating sites, how transvestites, allow themselves to be cute fashion Daren!

Favorite this Slim lace dress to the number that can weigh out my perfect physique, the sleeve design, daily activities is also very convenient, with a little pink chain, very cute, hair ornaments, with a lovely Japanese hair bands on it!

This lace dress, more partial princess style with European royal feeling, chest twill flowers, and the skirt is bright, wear look younger. Small particles with a pearl, really have the feeling of nobility princess!

The white dress women's clothing online, more Korean flavor, texture lining round lace, retro atmosphere, and, cuff design that is very popular this year, doll collar, and very cute oh!
The comparison with feminine, chest V-neck design will look a little sexy, so, with such a charming dress, choose a color necklace be a good point.
Lovely section of the wholesale dress, skirt and cuff design, very delicate, with a pearl collar, will be even more lovely that if you want more lovely, might also tied a school I like hairstyle!
This is very similar to that piece above, are my favorite cute models!