Fashion News: Clothing contains self-awareness

Principles of economics applied to clothing design and chiffon dresses,technology has not only changed people's material conditions and lifestyle affect downstream garment industry fabrics, equipment, etc., but also change the means of expression. A new generation of young people are extremely sensitive soul, self-awareness, "explosive" awakening, the market must be refined to the point to be added to the grounds of different "this me" generation to provide diversified export demands. "Heresy projection" fashion new feeling, accidentally get "point" rallied in response, has become the future trend of the flow.

Today, listening to Professor Wu Haiyan talk about "with Chinese cultural self-confidence and the industry value system of fashion trends," she raised through universities, government, industry, media, science and technology, brands and other groups six aspects of the power to co-create "Chinese fashion trends the right to speak, "the problem is more worth pondering, because China already has a popular forecasting and publishing capabilities.

Without further ado, take a look at today's press conference several cases it.

The United States, should not have conventions

People seem to have a common problem, just like in an unfamiliar environment, looking for a familiar feeling, in order to expel the fear of unfamiliar. Accustomed to the style of the designer's theme show guests who are accustomed to the inertia of thinking to find their own aesthetic-set, it is normal, and graduates is to use one kind of spectacular like no rules to the audience a sense of brainwashing. A design drawings roll out of the window was a stormy wind, heavy rain, such as Lee knife out of its basic profile shape, dark environment faint glow blurred. This is the Zhejiang Institute of Technology Institute of Clothing Technology graduates work conference opening video, a strong visual impact and artistic effects banter set the tone for the entire show. From the birth of the comic future soldier, dressed in stiff plastic textured fabric appearance; use color to create a noisy atmosphere, looming out of the mosaic color inverted portrait, gas field full of Siamese pants to reporters left a deep impression; highly reflective mirror to create a multi-metal sense, to change the face and eyes, eyebrow, giraffe face was exaggerating, mini wedding dresses studded with a sea star, filled with oil painting effect with white silk flounced create colorful fairy tale world.

To "cross-border & integration" as the theme of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts graduates work conference, a lot of work carrying the student's whimsy, learn the basic principles of construction. In the information society, from technology, art, music, architecture and other aspects of the impact of more intensive highlight new ideas, building on the rational design of interior space, since the stress of pragmatism began in Roman times, and the design of clothing inside clothing designers are becoming today's constantly explore the area. Orange brace pad material mimic the body muscle groups, stitched on linen fabric, exploring the human body and clothing the relationship between the dependent penetration; reporter favorite one with fireworks as printing and dyeing fabrics men's suits, there is tension with army green fusion the gorgeous patterns, very modern; an original ecological mechanism rattan plant structure and clothing echoes, and from Beijing Union University, a similar knitting works the same purpose, both expressed the natural ecology of reflection , but the latter has created a retro panniers, and deliberately chose transparent gauze as a skirt. I do not know in the dark emphasize that this originated in Spain, once the body to suppress freedom of women, "torture", if so, that the latter changed to strong.

Suzhou Industrial Vocational and Technical College of Fine Arts graduate work conference is to "play" turn fashion! "Speeding car, bosozoku" sharp eyes walking with T stage, black leather masks, metal collar, arms full of bold tires, plus a touch of brown lace spell color with a sense of monotony; Polka Dot fabric made ​​with a large X-type suit jackets, skirts with exposure pattern, retro style modern era for Dior NEW LOOK tribute; stitch embroidery design become an important trend in the second fabric; child playing "East and West" origami game to become a group of works of three-dimensional decoration, with mint green tassels, overall neutral shades so experienced Mayan prophecy, PM2.5, avian flu people instantly feel fresh, hand-era babbling play back memories.

In order to design proud to be responsible for the design

Hyperion with blue pattern for gradient-type printing, matte white fabric in a small area of ​​embellishment, but vague and remote reproduction of the sea, as the model's face from the sea surface, bring us the beauty of rippling ice spirit. But not dusty banks of thoughts on paper, not impatient to find fleeting spiritual thinking, with "Born along the line," the new gas field starting. Zhongyuan Institute of Clothing Technology graduates work conference, purple sunset will be handed over to the dark noisy city, the medieval saint's portrait "domineering" decorate the men's retro windbreaker hem; white and red affordable wedding dresses sparse use of Baroque pattern, floral with a huge three-dimensional crystal ornaments decorate a flower, elegant and holiness of the state is not lost on the French AOLISHA masterpiece; allow graduates to lead the models wearing their designs curtain call, let them be proud of his work, is responsible for their own work .

Dancer symbiotic

CAFA's conference is more like "brand analog" curriculum model results reported show that this teaching model shows that for many colleges teaching is an inspiration. Many people believe that three new brand - has an ear, especially the head, Jie Miwei (JAMY WEE) has done a full investigation and interviews, I just sincerely for classical dance and portrait, six dancers symbiotic, sculpture in the silent dance in the full sense of strong emotion, endless aftertaste, distant from us endless art, through the years, with a legend.